Children and the sound

High quality sound furniture for children

Sound furniture specially designed for children, such as a children's sound cradle or sound couch. Kindergartens, day-care centres and support facilities are happy to enrich your work with the instruments.
The sound furniture is also very popular in private children's rooms.
Children can play the instruments alone or in pairs.
They are much more impartial with the sounds.
Especially with hyperactive and or easily irritable children, the sound work has an effect very positive. They become "calmer and more sociable".

Tip on financing for day-care centres, schools and institutions for the disabled :
It has proved to be a good idea to make a kind of puzzle from the image of the instrument and all parents and companies, who want to make a donation can put a piece of the puzzle with their name on it. This way the financing usually goes quite fast.

pure child joy

"harmonic sound"

pure child joy

The Children's Soundbed

with slightly ergonomically shaped lying surface
140cm or 160cm lying length

with ergonomic shape ideal partner exercise Children's soundbed as a Bodymonochord Children's soundbed with special legs

The Children's sound cradle

22 strings
120cm or 140 cm * 60cm round lying surface

pure childhood joy Cradle nature toasty and cuddly

What sound colleagues say about the children's sound cradle / bed....

Children's sound couch and body monochord in our nursery! Without any problems Mr. Müller made this instrument for us on request, we were allowed to try it out for free
Our change requests were also all fulfilled. So that everyone, parents, children and educators are enthusiastic.
That's why it didn't take long until we ordered a body monochord from him.
Both instruments are regularly used in our institution. In our dream hour there are experiences that can hardly be put into words by the sound of the instruments.
An inner balance is established among all participants. These instruments are an enrichment for every day care centre! Thank you says the DRK-Kita-Rottorf!

DRK day-care centre Rottorf

LöwenKinder Frankurt (Oder) e.V. is a competence centre for families whose children suffer from serious or life-shortening diseases
Through the use of the sound cradle ("Ernst Prost Foundation") made available to our children and young people we can implement our concept of wholeness even better
and are thus able to to relieve stress symptoms / pain or activate physiological functions through the resulting inner peace. The cradle not only benefits our Lion children, but also their families.

LöwenKinder Frankfurt (Oder) e.V.

Playing a Soundcraddle - bed

Instruments to feel and touch

You can try out and test the instruments in the relaxed atmosphere of my atelier. Feel and enjoy the sounds and influences of music, by playing the instruments.

Consultation and Advice

To achieve an optimally, suitable instrument for you, a personal consultation is important.

I can offer you my long-year of experience and skill, to find the best matching instrument for you. You will get a concise introduction in wood science showing different woods, their sounds and colours as well as how to find the best composition of various components for your personal instrument.

Buy a Soundcraddle or a Soundbed

Quality and perfection at correct, fair prices.

If you pick up your instrument personally, I will not miss the opportunity to give you a brief introduction and instructions on tuning and care. Shipping: The instruments are well packed and will be sent to you insured.Picking up at the atelier: I would be pleased to give you a briefing in playing, tuning and maintaining your instrument. Shipping: The instruments are carefully packed and sent to you. The shipment is insured from our side.