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herb day

am 06.06.2021

"Herb day 2021"

Herb day 2021

traditional herb day in Schertlinpark

A colourful festival for the senses, for fans of herbs and cooking, for the whole family.
In the meantime, the Herbs Day has become an atmospheric, meeting place with several thousand visitors, has been established as a charming event. The approximately 50 selected exhibitors from all over Swabia do not offer mass-produced goods, but creative from our own workshop and many times handmade unique pieces for sale to.
Among them I will also be represented with my sounds and instruments.
From 10.00 am - 5.00 pm - free Admission
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    open house

    "16th company anniversary"

    16th company anniversary

    open house

    For all sound friends, acquaintances and interested parties, the "Werkstatt der Klänge" invites you to an open day on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the company.
    Instruments can be viewed, played and tested. I am looking forward to interesting conversations, exchange of experiences and of course to you.
    In order to take care of you in the best culinary way - please book in advance -
    From 14.00 - 18.00

    Children's soundbed also with cells to the laying monochord:

    Elm (Elm) / cherry / spruce / maple coated and refined with natural wax especially for the kindergarten.
    Children's sound couch, with slightly oval surface, which guarantees an optimal adaptation to the body
    Can also be used as a laying on monochord for adults.

    Ideal partner exercise for twoChildren's soundbed as a BodymonochordChildren's soundbed with special legs