Forge of Sounds, sound furniture in perfection

Instruments from "the forge of Sounds"
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Welcome and enjoy your visit in the "Forge of Sounds". Take pleasure in your walkabout through the variety of instruments. Music will accompany you goingthrough the information and pictures (push the button you find below) and discover how each instruments works on you. Relax and enjoy! For example:

live recording of the Klangwelten concert " Monochord with Hang-drum "

Enrich your useful and precious work on and with people, through the sound from the monochord, soundcradle, soundbed or chair, Kotamo and other developed instruments. Or just take benefit of it yourself: relax, energize and enjoy.

Sound furniture in perfection
Let yourself be carried away into the world of sounds and see the varied selection of instruments that invite you to listen and live. Production and development in our own workshop guarantee high quality.


In the local woods, I use, I pour my individuality and phantasy. The wood is transferred into an ennobled piece of art; each has its own spirit and uniqueness. Treatments with natural Oils give the wood its own special character and increases its unique charm.Feel and experience the sound of the instrument(s) which you chose or which are produced to your personal requirements. They interact with you in a very subtle and energetic way. New impulses and sounds strengthen the energy waves. Sounds can do even more; they touch your innermost being and your soul. You can take a break and relax, recharge your strength and energy.
We guarantee the quality and experience of 15 years successful instrument construction.


Fernsehinterview und Image Film

Image film Interview with Mr Braun from February 2018


Presentation of my sound idea

It's nice that the a.TV crew came to see me and made a little movie published about me and my studio.
Mr Braun interviews in his own funny way and manner.

New Wood in our Assortment:

Douglas fir wood.After years of drying, the Douglas fir wood, from regional sustainable forestry, is now ready for our carpenter work to create new resonating sound bodies and boards. Douglas fir wood is known to develop an extraordinary and even better brilliance of the overtone spectrum as its fellow woods. The colour matches the colour of the larch wood with a fresh shade of orange
.... Just enquire, take a look and enjoy ...

for special moments ...

Playing Sound Furniture and Instruments

Instruments to feel and touch

You can try out and test the instruments in the relaxed atmosphere of my atelier. Feel and enjoy the sounds and influences of music, by playing the instruments.

Consultation and Advice

To achieve an optimally, suitable instrument for you, a personal consultation is important.

I can offer you my long-year of experience and skill, to find the best matching instrument for you. You will get a concise introduction in wood science showing different woods, their sounds and colours as well as how to find the best composition of various components for your personal instrument.

Purchasing our Sound Furniture and Instruments.

Quality and perfection at correct, fair prices.

If you pick up your instrument personally, I will not miss the opportunity to give you a brief introduction and instructions on tuning and care. Shipping: The instruments are well packed and will be sent to you insured.Picking up at the atelier: I would be pleased to give you a briefing in playing, tuning and maintaining your instrument. Shipping: The instruments are carefully packed and sent to you. The shipment is insured from our side.