Klosterbergschule Schwäbisch Gmünd

The sound cradle is very often used in the Klosterbergschule Schwäbisch Gmünd. The sounds in combination with the vibratory experience contribute optimally to the improvement of body perception.
Wrapped in the sound space, some non-speaking pupils start to lute,
thus verbally contact the teacher; restless pupils come to rest, can relax and thereby concentrate on their bodies first.
We are very happy that we purchased the sound cradle from you and are also highly satisfied with your service.

DRK day-care centre Rottorf

Children's sound couch and body monochord in our nursery! Mr. Müller made this instrument for us without any problems on request, we were allowed to try it out for free
Our change requests were also all fulfilled. So that everyone, parents, children and educators are enthusiastic.
That's why it didn't take long until we ordered a body monochord from him.
Both instruments are regularly used in our institution. In our dream hour there are experiences that can hardly be put into words by the sound of the instruments.
An inner balance is established among all participants. These instruments are an enrichment for every day care centre! Thank you says the DRK-Kita-Rottorf!

LöwenKinder Frankfurt (Oder) e.V.

LöwenKinder Frankurt (Oder) e.V. is a competence centre for families whose children suffer from serious or life-shortening illnesses
Through the use of the sound cradle ("Ernst Prost Foundation") made available to our children and young people we can implement our concept of wholeness even better
and are thus able to to relieve stress symptoms / pain or activate physiological functions through the resulting inner peace. The cradle not only benefits our Lion children, but also their families.

Sound of the Earth - Institute for Health and Prevention

Maria Magdalena Bölling
For many years I have a sound couch and various monochords by Andreas, which I include in my sound work and I am very happy about it.
With every year the instruments are getting better, sounding in beautiful overtones.
I don't want to miss the instruments, I know that, what a loving hand they come from.
For the participants of my seminars, I heartily recommend the Workshop of Sounds by Andreas.

Gaiana Glatz Ice

relaxation trainer, music and Montessori teacher, sound artist;
Sound massage practitioner according to Peter Hess, member of the European professional association Sound-Massage-Therapy e.V.

Over the years, I have had Andreas create three sound instruments and a gong stand for me.
The instruments are a great blessing for my sound work. The love for the sounds and the inner knowledge of Andreas give the sounds breadth, warmth and fineness.
The overtone vibration is of such brilliance that it brings one into deep inner peace and lets others experience an almost weightless light state. The price-performance ratio is excellent.

Mathilde Tepper

Dipl.-Social Worker / Dipl.-Social Pedagogue; Music Pedagogue (DGfMG e.V.)Creative Specialist Therapist Gerontopsychiatry (SMEI)
Sound relaxation therapist; puppeteer for communication hand puppets

It has a wonderful sound and is very stable in mood. It always gives me great pleasure to play the monochord. and it greatly enriches my sound and relaxation work in my sound oasis.

Wolfgang Rogg

Electrical engineer and sound therapist and trainer after Walter Häfner
The basic frame and the borders of my sound couch were created and constructed by Andreas Müller, according to my specifications.He found a way to fulfil all my wishes.Some of my guests, enjoying the sound couch, feel like their cells are dancing along together.They are delighted as it a pleasant harmony is spreading through their body.I�m carried away by these sounds; they are flooding my whole body.

Dana and Tobias Forderer

Since 2008, my wife and I work in our Sound Therapy according to the methods of Walter Häfner, which included among other the use of sounds of the Monochord Sound loungers.Playing the Sound Beds made by Andreas is a plain joy, like the first time we used it. The full, warm and all-round mystical sound is enchanting.In the meantime, my wife and I have 2 Sound loungers, 4 Gong stands, a Monochord and a large wooden pyramid. We are completely satisfied with his way to manufacture the instruments, the instruments themselves, and the service he offers and of course last but not least the sounds of the instruments he created for us.We can recommend him unhesitating. Considering "the spirit of the instrument" , we have been lucky to found Andreas who is creating these unique instruments with care and love. Thank you and all the best from us.